Our People Make It Possible


William C. Bentley, P.E.

William is the founder and President of Bentley Group, Inc., and principal-in-charge of all projects the firm undertakes. He has more than 40 years of engineering experience in providing innovative and cost-effective design solutions. With a portfolio of over 800 projects encompassing commercial, industrial, and governmental facilities, his comprehensive experience informs Bentley's operations to this day.

Molly deVivero, P.E.

Molly is Senior Vice President of Engineering. She has over 35 years of experience which includes design and coordination of site planning, utilities, transportation, infrastructure, signing, storm water management, and drainage. Her specialty for various projects has involved tolling and PD&E studies. She oversees all Bentley projects from proposal stage to final certification to ensure that everything is on-time and on-track.

Gary Kranston, RA, LEED AP

Gary is Vice President of Architecture. He has over 40 years of experience with architectural programming, planning, design, and construction administration. His specialties include transportation facilities, fire stations, parks and recreation, warehouse and fleet facilities, and utility buildings. He supplements projects with durable, appealing design solutions that are cost-effective and creative with use of materials.

Brandon Bentley, P.E.

Brandon is Vice President of Transportation Engineering. He has over 15 years of work experience which includes design of intersection and geometric layouts, signing and pavement marking, traffic control plans, capacity improvements, and resurfacing. His proficiency and thorough experience working with FDOT and various local government agencies across the state plays a part in every transportation project.

Brenton Daily, P.E.

Brenton is Vice President of Structural Engineering. He has over 15 years of experience working with inspection, design, quality control, and project management. His experience includes design for bridges, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, municipalities, and various transportation agencies. He proactively utilizes all resources available when managing every step of the design and construction process.

Carlos Rexach, P.E.

Carlos is a Lead for Civil. He has over 18 years of experience in design and permitting. He specializes in utilities, drainage design, land development, tolling, utility management, technical report preparation, construction documents, and agency permitting for public, commercial, industrial, and residential projects. He is proficient in utility system and stormwater management design. His broad experience brings consistency to every Bentley project.

Brian Kennedy, P.E.

Brian is a Lead for Transportation. He has over 8 years of design experience throughout Florida ranging from small sidewalk improvements to complex roadways for new and reconstruction projects. He plays an active role from project pursuit to initial plans development and final construction documents delivery. He works directly alongside Brandon, enabling a constant process of quality control within each Bentley project.

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