What We've Done, How We've Grown

1984 - 1989

As Bentley Engineering, we first specialized in Structural design for retail and restaurant projects across America. After a busy first year, Bill added Architecture to the firm’s offerings, a decision that would shape Bentley’s trajectory as a company. Within just a few years, Bentley had established a relationship with the Florida Department of Transportation.

1990 - 1995

After succeeding in various projects within private and public sectors, Bentley started to narrow our focus. Central Florida was the way to go and a name swap to Bentley Architects + Engineers would stick around for decades to come. Bentley also began pursuing maintenance facilities at this time, a prosperous niche that is still a specialty to this day.

1996 - 2000

With the first Roadway contract from FDOT and a permanent home in Longwood, Bentley entered a new era that would go on to become the norm. Work continued with cities across Florida in the form of city halls, education, and other community fixtures. Just before the turn of the millennium, the Florida Turnpike Enterprise would meet Bentley and initiate an ongoing partnership that has since shaped our operations.

2001 - 2005

As Bentley moved further into the public sector, district and county throughout Florida continued awarding us work with private development, parks and recreation, roadway design, continuing service contracts, public works facilities, and most notably, tolling infrastructure. The latter would go on to become one of Bentley’s greatest strengths, with Bill going so far as to build his own tolling retrieval prototype.

2006 - 2010

The trend towards sustainability meshed well with Bentley as many LEED-certified projects were taken on. Our thorough experience with rest areas led to a statewide study of sites needing renovation. Local school districts utilized Bentley’s extensive knowledge by awarding continuing contracts. After making rounds in other FDOT districts, we were finally awarded a contract in the home district.

2011 - 2015

After a quarter century of working together, the team had transformed into a one-stop powerhouse for civil and architectural projects of any caliber. Our reputation for successful local projects brought about further awards for public works facilities, parks and recreations, fire stations, and public schools. As well, continuing contracts kept the team busy with varied work orders for local cities.

2016 - 2020

Bentley started 2016 with a breath of fresh air by moving into a new building of our own new design. This also ushered in a next generation of services with the official development of Transportation and Structural departments. New staff and team leaders successfully delivered projects which included ADA improvements, arterial widening, pedestrian bridges and tunnels, and a very special project for the Florida Turnpike Enterprise.

2021 - today

The new decade brings big changes and new opportunities. We’ve rebranded, now known as Bentley Group, Inc., and we’re focusing on today’s client needs while maintaining our nearly four decades of core beliefs. As our horizons continue to expand every day, we are committed to being a superior provider of engineering and architectural services.

A new and improved version of The Bentley Group website is on its way! Stay tuned for the launch later this summer.