Roadway Engineer Intern

Bentley Group, Inc. is looking for a self-motivated Entry Level Roadway Engineer to join our transportation team. The successful candidate must have FDOT design experience, as they will be required to work on FDOT design projects and will need to have the knowledge of fundamental engineering processes required to carry-out the concurrent planning, design, production, and delivery of engineering projects.This position requires a strong foundation in engineering design principles and concepts, FDOT design standards, FDOT Design Manual, understanding of roadway geometrics and roadside safety, and solid communication skills. This position will require the engineer to possess strong MicroStation/Geopak & ORD plans production skills; prior MicroStation experience is desired. 

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Work as part of a design team under the direction of the Project Engineer/Manager on a variety of transportation projects including detailed design of urban and rural roadways, roundabouts, trails, transportation facilities, and more
  • Prepare roadway plans utilizing applicable standards FDOT Design Manual, Florida Greenbook, and AASHTO
  • Develop horizontal and vertical alignments, intersection and interchange layouts, grading plans, signing and pavement marking plans, and traffic control plans under the guidance of Professional Engineer
  • Create and submit technical reports, specifications, and calculations under the guidance of Professional Engineer
  • Assists with OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition (ORD) and other technologies in the development of 3D models of project elements


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering is required
  • EI Certification is required
  • 1-5 years of engineering related experience is preferred
  • Proficiency in 3D Modeling is preferred
  • Proficiency with MicroStation/Geopak & ORD is required
  • Strong roadway geometric design knowledge is preferred
  • Knowledge of FDOT FDM, Standard Plans, Specifications & Florida Greenbook criteria is preferred

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