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At Bentley, we value diversity, teamwork, professional growth, and work-life balance. Join us in creating a better future through exceptional engineering and architectural solutions. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

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At Bentley, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive and diverse workplace that welcomes engineers and architects from all backgrounds and experience levels. With our focus on civil, transportation, structural, and architectural fields, we offer a wide range of rewarding career opportunities. If you're seeking a dynamic and collaborative work environment where you can contribute your skills and expertise, Bentley invites you to join our team in Longwood, Florida.


Collaborative Culture

Bentley fosters a personalized, collaborative atmosphere that drives innovation and sustainable solutions through teamwork and diverse perspectives.

Growth Opportunities

Enjoy continuous training, mentorship, and skill expansion at Bentley, advancing your career while thriving in a supportive environment.

Impactful Projects

Join us in creating a positive legacy through diverse projects, from facilities to infrastructure and design, shaping communities for the future.

Balance and Fulfillment

Experience work-life balance at Bentley, with 8 holidays, 15 personal days and a compressed 40 hour work week.

Competitive Compensation Packages

Competitive salaries and a 401(k) plan with employer contribution, helping you build a secure retirement.

Comprehensive Benefits Package

We provide medical, dental, and vision coverage that prioritizes your health and wellness.


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Transportation Engineering

Be part of our transportation engineering division and play a crucial role in designing and improving roadways, intersections, and transportation systems. Help create safer and more efficient transportation networks for communities.
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Structural Engineering

Join our structural engineering team and work on a diverse range of projects, including bridges, commercial buildings, and municipal structures. Utilize your expertise to design safe and innovative structures that stand the test of time.
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Civil Engineering

Join our team of civil engineers to work on challenging projects that encompass land development, utilities, drainage design, and more. Make a significant impact on the built environment and contribute to sustainable solutions.
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Explore architectural opportunities at Bentley and contribute to the design and planning of transportation facilities, parks and recreation spaces, and other architectural projects. Bring your creativity and vision to shape the physical landscapes around us.